Who Moved My Cheese?

When I was a teenager my mother bought me a book called “Who moved my cheese?”. Unfortunately it wasn’t a book tailored to small children about a mouse who goes in search of his missing cheese (… although I might write that kids story one day), it was about dealing with change.

I don’t like change.

I never have. I remember numerous nights spent crying in my room because we moved house when I was 7 or 8 years old. I made friends easily at my new school, I had lovely teachers and I had a much bigger bedroom in this new house! But it was still change. And I don’t like change. Or do I?

I spent my angst riddled teenage years wishing for change but not too much. A change of sixth form, but not one where I didn’t know anyone already going there, a change of immediate friendship group but not loosing those friends I already had, a change of hairstyle but only a temporary hair colour change in case I didn’t like it after all.

And here I am now, a 23 year old woman living abroad, about to make another big old change. And I’m excited. I am incredibly excited.

How have I gone from hating change to being excited about it? Well I’ve learnt something. I’ve learnt that as people, we all go through seasons of life. It’s biblical. God created us so that we would go through different seasons of life and learn new things through them. If we look at Ecclesiastes¬† 3, titled “The Mystery of Time”, the author (usually credited as being Solomon) states that there is a “TIME for everything under heaven.” Then again in Psalm 1 the author refers to time stating that “He is like a tree planted beside flowing streams that bears fruit in its SEASON”. Daniel 2:21 states: “He changes TIMES and SEASONS; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding” (Emphasis mine).
These passages tell me three things:

  1. There is a time for everything. If you look at the rest of the passage Solomon goes on to describe the different times (planting and uprooting, weeping and laughing, time to be silent and a time to speak). Our lives will not be constantly in a state of planting new things or having our voices heard above the noise. Sometimes they will consist of times where we need to uproot ourselves from our safe environments and just listen to those around us.
  2. If we are a tree planted near the flowing stream of life that is God’s word and his love, we can bear fruit in any season we are in. Every journey we go on can serve as an opportunity to grow.
  3. God is in control of your season. Even in the hard seasons of life he is ever present.

Knowing these things has helped me deal with the changes that have come in my life so far. Every change is a new season, a new opportunity to see God move in my life and teach me something about his character or about my own.

Since living in Paris I have been attending Hillsong Paris as my regular church and the international Hillsong church at the moment has a theme that they feel applies to 2018: There is more. Il y a plus.
There is more of God’s love available to us. There is more that he wants to do on this earth. There is more intended for our lives. There is more adventure and excitement and change to happen. And I’m excited. I’ve been seeing God move in my life and those around me. I’ve heard what people have learnt and grown in since living in Paris over this year.¬† If there is more to come and this is only one season in our lives, how amazing is what is to come going to be?!

Change is not bad.

Change is growth.

I love change.

Jade x

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