How can it be?

As I fly over England from Paris for the last time, I can’t help but feel in awe.

Every time I fly I naturally end up worship God in my thoughts. I get to see just a fraction of the vast Earth He created and it astonishes me. You don’t realise just how big the Earth is until you’re above it looking down.

As we fly over London I can see the change in the environment; from green fields to block after block of built up city architecture. But it’s not just architecture, is it. It’s peoples homes, their work places, their communities and places of faith. All full of people. And every single one of those people God calls his children.

He sees the vastness of the Earth and the built up cities in every country and yet he still focuses in on the individual. He is not overwhelmed or stressed by how many of his children live on the Earth, but he seeks us all out. He is writing all of our stories. Every single one of us is special and created in his image. Not one of the people walking on this Earth are a mistake. No, even amongst the millions of people he still desires the one. He still desires you and me.

How can this be, I found myself asking. Well, because he’s God. He is not human. His capabilities are not limited to human ability like ours are. We can have infinite amounts of love for our family, our children and spouses, but that is limited to those closest to us. Imagine that level of love x1000 and extended towards everyone. Absolutely everyone. That goes just some way to explaining the love He has for us.

He is the great creator and father. And he is so good.

Jade x

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